W32/Lagbu.A is one of the most deceptive and dangerous computer infection. It is reported as a trojan which sneaks a user’s computer without any confirmation. It can make your PC vulnerable by breaching its security and enabling cyber crooks to obtain unauthorized access of the computer. Well, W32/Lagbu.A virus secretly enters your PC with the help of spam email attachments, social engineering, hacked websites, torrents, freeware downloading including PDF creator, apps update, etc. Once activated, it continues to execute automatically inside your system by adding malicious values into Windows registry. Moreover, it will execute various malicious process in your system background and will make your system slower than ever before. It will create severe destruction in your system and will make your PC completely unusable in just no time. So, we suggest to remove W32/Lagbu.A at the earliest.


W32/Lagbu.A controls your PC remotely and conducts highly vicious activities to pose numerous harms. It hacks common web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. and tries to redirect web searches to phishing domains. Moreover, it steals private details of users incorporating bank account and credit card number, login username and password, email credentials and so on. W32/Lagbu.A even could lead in disabling of useful applications, files corruption, data missing, resources consumption, processes termination and failure of operating system. This devastating Trojan horse virus will corrupt all kinds of .exe files in your computer and disables all your important applications. Additionally, it download other harmful and devastating threats in your system by using hidden backdoor. Therefore, it is important to get rid of W32/Lagbu.A quickly so as to prevent damage to your PC.

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