How To Uninstall NoteHomepage by MyWay Virus

NoteHomepage by MyWay is a highly disastrous adware program that has been programmed to display non-stop ads and pop-ups within any popular Internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari. This harmful adware can come to your system bundled with shareware or freeware programs that you download from insecure resources over the Internet. It can also get into you PC through infected links, malicious websites, P2P file sharing, Spam mails etc. Once installed on your PC, NoteHomepage by MyWay pretends to be a legitimate extension to attach itself on targeted browser, so it could easily bypass your anti-virus scan.

Furthermore, NoteHomepage by MyWay displays lots of irritating commercials, pop-ups, advertisements and redirect you forcibly to unknown infected websites. To full-fill its main purpose of displaying pop-up ads in your browser, it also modifies your default web browser settings like search engine and homepage settings. In results, you will get an infected PC that runs very slow and show weird behavior due to lots of harmful infection that came to your PC through the back-door created by this nasty threat. You should be very careful about your PC and if you find NoteHomepage by MyWay in your computer then remove it quickly.

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