Win32/Toolbar.Visicom.B Virus Removal Guide

Win32/Toolbar.Visicom.B is reported as a very severe malware being encountered recently in the world of cyber threats. It comes under trojan family and is much vicious as other members of this family. This troublesome Trojan horse virus has the capibility to create serious destruction on infected computer. It invades your computer without seeking any permission through making use of compromised resources available on the web. Once installed, Win32/Toolbar.Visicom.B makes itself hidden in background and secretly disables anti-malware application as well as task manager. It also edits values into Windows registry and re-installs automatically with each session of OS booting. So if you don’t want to experience any kind of fatal corruption on your system then you must remove Win32/Toolbar.Visicom.B virus at the earliest.


Win32/Toolbar.Visicom.B poses adverse effects onto browsers and search engines thus endangering your surfing. It redirects web queries to malicious domains and also displays pop-up ads to extort user’s money via PPC fraud. This hazardous threat will bring various awful issues on your system including frequent system crash, application malfunctioning, hard drive failure, boot errors, abrupt termination of ongoing process and many more. Moreover, Win32/Toolbar.Visicom.B conducts fake scan and reports about several infractions further suggesting you to buy certain bogus programs for ensuring PC safety. However, the trojan itself loads many pesky malware into the computer such as ransomware, rootkit, adware, keylogger, spyware and so on. What else, it does data stealing and collects host name, available disk space information, IP address and your login id. Therefore, we suggest to delete Win32/Toolbar.Visicom.B quickly as soon as the trojan gets detected.

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