Easy Way To Remove Whitesearch.com Virus

Whitesearch.com is a vicious PC threat categorized as browser hijacker virus. It is a nasty computer infection that can alter your system without permission and hijack your main browser. This dubious threat will attack your system through bundled free programs, spam emails, cracked software, malicious websites, p2p file sharing and other tricks. Once installed on your machine, it will get attached to your main browser. It can work with all famous browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, MS Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera and others. It will change your homepage and search engine without your consent. When you will open your browser to surf Internet, Whitesearch.com will appear as default start page. It will show lots of sponsored search results and unwanted ads on your computer screen.

Whitesearch.com virus will bombard your computer with lots of ads, banners, offers etc. and keep redirecting your browser forcibly on unknown websites. This harmful PC threat has only motive to boost the traffic of its partner websites to earn referral commission and make profit for its creators. It can also block your anti-virus program to avoid its detection and removal. It may redirect your browser on malicious websites, where your system can get infected by nasty viruses. Whitesearch.com virus will also track your browser cookies and history to collect your personal information. It can steal your sensitive details including your financial information and send to hackers. It can also create loophole on your system for other threats. So it is very important to remove Whitesearch.com virus soon from your PC.

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