Instructions To Remove SH.ST/AEOTZ Virus

What is SH.ST/AEOTZ virus ?

SH.ST/AEOTZ is a harmful computer virus classified as nasty adware infection. This dubious threat can easily intrude your computer without permission. It normally gets spread through bundled free third party programs, spam emails, suspicious websites and shareware. Once get installed on your computer, this dubious threat will firstly infect your main web browser. It will make several changes to your browser settings and also modify the DNS settings. SH.ST/AEOTZ will show lots of unwanted and irritating pop-up ads, banners, offers, fake notifications, software update messages and many other advertising materials. It will completely bombard your desktop with annoying ads and downgrade your web browsing experience. It is mainly aimed to redirect your browser its partner websites for generating illegal revenue. It can also bring harmful threats and viruses on your computer.

SH.ST/AEOTZ virus is really a nasty computer infection that damage your entire PC. This notorious malware can easily destroy your system programs and applications. This perilous computer infection will also modify your system registry editor and inject its malign codes. Those malicious registry keys help this threat in getting automatically started on your computer when you boot your PC. Apart from this, SH.ST/AEOTZ can also track your online activities and browsing history to collect your personal information. It can gather all your secret details including your online banking details, credit card number, IP address, user names, passwords and many others. It can show personalised ads on your computer to redirect your browser on harmful websites. It can also send your personal information to hackers for making illegal profit. It is advised to delete SH.ST/AEOTZ virus soon from your computer.

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