Remove Scarab-Deep Ransomware Virus And Restore Encrypted Data

Scarab-Deep Ransomware is anther very harmful and notorious file encrypting malware. It is actually a ransomware Trojan virus that uses powerful encryption algorithm to cheat users. It is created and distributed by cyber crooks to make illegal profit by harassing innocent users. This nasty ransomware infection is quite similar to other threats on this category. It will silently alter your computer, get installed on your machine, lock down your files and demand ransom. Scarab-Deep Ransomware is able to attack all versions of Windows computer very easily. It will mess with your security programs and make them useless. It will scan your entire hard for files and encode everything stored on your system. Scarab-Deep Ransomware virus is able to encrypt a wide range of file types including Videos, images, audios, MS office files, pdf, html and many more.

Scarab-Deep Ransomware

Scarab-Deep Ransomware mostly intrude your computer through spam emails. It is one of the most easily and oldest method to spread malware. Cyber crooks bulk spam emails that contains malicious attachments. When you open such type emails on your system, the virus automatically get executed without your consent. You don’t get any type of warning and your PC will get infected. Once installed, it will firstly focus on encrypting your data. Most Common files types infected by Scarab-Deep Ransomware that every one use –

doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pst, ost, msg, eml, vsd, vsdx, txt, csv, rtf, wks, wk1, pdf, dwg, onetoc2, snt, docb, docm, dot, dotm, dotx, xlsm, xlsb, jpg, jpeg, bmp, cr2, gif, png, mp3, mp4, avi, wmv, mkv.

As you can see, Scarab-Deep Ransomware virus generally encrypt all the major file types that your Windows PC. It is a simple range of files that contains all types of data. This deceptive ransomware infection will add its own extension to end of all your files to make them inaccessible. What else, it will replace your desktop wallpaper with a ransom images and leave ransom note on your computer in TEXT or HTML format. Scarab-Deep Ransomware wants to tell you about the encryption, so it can demand the random money. It will ask that all your files are encrypted with a powerful encryption algorithm and can only get unlocked y a decryption key generated for your PC. It will ask you to pay the ransom money through BitCoin before given time to get that key. Scarab-Deep Ransomware threats to delete all the locked files if payment is not sent before the deadline.

As security analyst found about this malware, it has no record of releasing encrypted files after getting money. It take the money and disappear without unlocking files. It has serious no motive to unlock your data once it get the money. You can’t trace the man behind this virus because BitCoin address doesn’t tell your anything about the owner. You don’t have details of hackers and you nothing that they want. You paid money and their purpose is solved. Now they will move to new victim. Whereas it is highly possible that your financial details can get hacked when you pay money to hackers. So it is advised to remove Scarab-Deep Ransomware virus soon from your computer and recover your data using any file recovery software.

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